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Pet boutique– Dog clothes: This Exclusive Collection for Pet shop Online I came across in the 2007,a different style and quality very impressed with my dogs Prince my Dalmatian loved his clothing wardrobe full of Theo pet clothing and this was his favorite it kept him dry and warm and windy days and so cute to see his face sat in the car waiting for me people laughing with joy to see how much I loved my dogs .I have discovered one these past wear there is a reason to wear to clothing for the weather changes we receive and a route in walking we can always go out!
This collection of clothing range from snow outfits to t-shirts washing results very well and calming to the dog hence pink attract the pet to warmth and comfort also the quality is to high standard .
Dog clothes: High quality Snow overalls for dogs
Snow overall is a very thick snowsuit which keeps the dog warm in cold weather. They are both windproof and waterproof made with micro fleece lining.
The Snow overalls have hoods attached with buttons that can be easily removed. When the hood is removed the overall has a collar that can be rolled up or down. Beneath the collar is a small specially made hole which accommodates attaching a leash. The hood also has a drawstring that can be tightened in order to keep snow, wind and rain from the dog. They are open at the back so the dog can mess in a comfortable and unrestricted way. The sleeves are long with black nylon cuffs.
Dog clothes: High quality harnesses for dogs
Harnesses are made from strong, lasting material with a special double support system where the leash is attached.
The harnesses are both stylish as well as an extremely comfortable alternative to the traditional collar.
They were especially designed to avoid known problems the collar presents for smaller dogs and other pets
Dog carrier: High quality carriers for pets
Theo Carriers are funky and functional bags for the pampered pet in your life.
* The Carriers are made from a strong material & they are both waterproof and dirt resistant.
* Uniquely designed with comfort in mind they have a soft removable mattress at the bottom.
* The carriers also have an inbuilt leash which you can attach to the dog’s collar or harness. This safety measure minimizes the risk of them jumping out of the bag and injuring themselves.
* The handles are also adjustable.

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  • all in one harness

    All in One Harness For A Dog

    47.99 £

    Beautiful harness made of synthetic leather.

    new concept in ‘X’ very easy to fit and very trendy.

    Hand Made each product

  • Chenille Dog Jumper

    35.00 £

    Winter Dog Sweater. Handmade Dog Clothes. Pet Clothing. Hand Knit Pastel Color Dog Clothes. Button Dog Sweater
    Hand knit from very soft warm yarn. 80 % polyester 20 % wool winter dog sweater with button opening down the front .This puppy clothes is very soft and comfortable, easy to put on your pet.

  • Crochet Harness

    25.00 £

    PET Harness, Dog Dress, Harness – Dress for Small dog, Cotton Crochet Harness

    This dog harness is friendly handmade from pure cotton .

    Crochet adjustable harness for your pet.

  • Dog Black Ultimate Collar

    58.00 £
    Collar Majestic Gold
    This Collar will be perfect for very special occasion. It will bring that chic and sophisticated look for your dog.

    Composition:100% Synthetic Leather, except for decoration and hardware

  • bip-pants-2bip-pants-1

    Dog Clothing Bib Pants

    30.00 £

    Bib Pants for dogs Bib pants are trendy pants that are suitable for all or special occasions. Used in combination with a T-shirt (with or without hood) it presents a very special look.